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The equipments covers:

1. Casting equipments:

Core maker: 20 sets; smelting electric furnace: 16 sets;  generator: 4 sets;  sand blasting machine: 8 sets and air compressor: 6 sets.

2. Mould equipments:

FBM-IR auto molding machine: 2 sets;  core shooting machine: 20 sets;  AIX-mould machine: 26 sets;  sand conditioning system: 2 lines;  environmental protection equipment:5sets;  5 ton traveling crane: 2 sets.

3. Machining equipments:

2 sets of  CNC , 48 sets of NC lathe, meter lathe: 44 sets, 6 sets of single purpose machine, and one set numerical control milling-machine, punch 5 PCS, assemble & package line 1 set, drying line 1 sets etc.           

4. Inspection equipments:

ARL-spectrometer 1 Set, Vision System 1 set, sand tester 1 set, pressure tester 15 Sets, all kinds of standard thread gages, calipers, diameter micrometer etc. Also, we have purchased one set of CMM on March, 2008.