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[Company News]Safety Check Valve


Safety Check Valves operate using the pressure differential over the valve to function the valve and spring set up. Pressure differential is proportional towards the air flow with the valve.

Once the pressure differential is inside the operating limits (underneath the cutoff flow) from the unit, the pressure around the valve exerted through the spring is more than that triggered through the pressure

differential (see open position graphic below). The valve remains open and normal operation continues.

Once the pressure differential is over the cutoff limit, the pressure around the valve exerted through the pressure differential is more than the pressure exerted through the spring, and also the valve shuts (begin to see the closed position graphic left).

Following the repair is created, normal operation is instantly enabled when pressure over the valve equalizes with the bleeder hole.

The valve spring size could be per identifying the ventilation throughout normal operation by calculating the ventilation if your failure or rupture happens.

Sizing the security shut-off valve:

1. The security shut-off valve NPT size should be identical to the nominal I.D. size the environment line which it's used. Note: Never decrease or increase the hose size in the compressor towards the tool or in the compressor towards the manifold.

2. One safety shut-off valve can be used on each hose outlet in the manifold.

3. To prevent nuisance cut-off's, the shut-off valve selected must have a cut-off selection of 110% from the maximum anticipated ventilation towards the tool, or tools, for use.

4. The utmost SCFM from the supply side air line should be over the cut-off selection of the valve. The cut-off selection of Dixon's shut-off valves is offered at 90 PSI. To look for the cut-off range at other PSI's, make use of the formula or even the sample amounts within the Cut-off Rate Chart below to obtain the flow rate multiplier. Multiply the flow rate multiplier through the amounts within the cut-off flow range column to obtain the cut-off range at the PSI.


Before beginning the compressor the environment control valve ought to be closed completely. Once the compressor unloads, open the environment control valve very gradually. Full port ball valves have a tendency to are more effective than gate or but?terfly type valves.

The environment control valve should be fully open for that safety shut-off valve to operate. Some portable air compressor manu?facturers recommend start-track of the environment control valve slightly open. Within this situation you might want to close the valve and reopen it gradually fully open position, or wait for a safety shut-off valve to totally reset itself.

When the valve does not operate despite meeting all condi?tions, look into the hose line for obstructions or perhaps a hose mender restricting normal ventilation.

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